MaryAnn Raccosta speaks to various sized audiences. Engaged with each group, she shares her story from the medical chaos and the heartache of a complicated diagnosis for her two young boys, to the joys of daily living and the road to becoming an author. MaryAnn speaks with passion and brings awareness of organizations for mitochondrial disorders. She inspires others to live with courage and hope.


Inspirational/Christianity: MaryAnn has a strong faith rooted in Christianity. She shares her heart-wrenching family story with tears and smiles. She encourages the audience to Billow with the Wind and explains how her prayer evolved from “Lord, please help me.” to “With you Lord, what shall I do today?” With faith, hope and love, one can cope with the unforeseen.


Healthcare: MaryAnn is a strong parent advocate for special needs children, including her own two sons, who are on opposite ends of the special need spectrum. MaryAnn shares her experiences of being hospital bound with her boys.  She provides a mother’s point of view and gives insight to the amount of information being processed about a catastrophically ill child. MaryAnn shares phrases that promote teamwork between staff
and family.


For Teachers: MaryAnn shares her personal journey which provides insight to what a family story may look like. Managing a special needs child’s progress can be overwhelming. MaryAnn identifies objectives in education; Describes some of the pitfalls of educational planning; And expresses how balance, guidance and encouragement go a long way. 


For Students: MaryAnn shares her story and expresses the P’s of Life — there are many:  passion, pursuit, performance, persistence, perseverance. She adds Perspective, Possibility, People and God’s Plan. Providing a flashback of her life including its changes and challenges, she provides a story for teens of hope, respect and love.


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