The Survivor, The Hero & The Angel: A Mother's Story is an inspirational memoir that grips the heart and shakes our conceptual foundations of family, faith and perseverance. Author and mother MaryAnn Raccosta carries readers through the journey of family hardships as she tries to understand a foreign diagnosis for not only one, but two of her infant sons. While engrossed in a world of chaos and illness, MaryAnn finds the strength and hope she needs to keep her family balanced. Through faith alone, she is able to provide a sense of familial stability for her young daughter, her ailing boys and husband... but most importantly, for herself. This is a story of love, courage and survival.

Read the Reviews Lawrence mother's memoir chronicles family's survival of
10-year medical struggle

KIRKUS A notable, inspirational story of hardship and survival.
Reviewed by Jim Gleason, heart recipient; Don't even try to imagine...